Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Conservation of Energy

I am the first flakes of snow.
When the atmosphere explodes
into endless dimensions
And running across my yard
seems like lightspeed.

I am blood red leaves.
When the air is laced with frost
And gravity pulls in slow motion.

I am her smile.
When she crumbles
under the weight of love
And disintegrates into my arms.

I am 13 minutes and 41 seconds of Coltrane.
When chaos sounds like a wind symphony
And every image
seems more mesmerizing
when I close my eyes.

I am a pile of glass
under a car wrapped around a guardrail.
When death hovered inches above my head
And blood never smelled so real.

I am a reflection from the lake.
When the waves fall so still,
That my world never seemed so fake.

I am the Law of Conservation of Energy.
When I read that energy
cannot be created or destroyed,
But merely changes form…


  1. Wow. All of your poems led me into this one, like the eye of a hurricane.

  2. Thanks so much mark. Thanks to OSP, I am finding a lot of other great writing out there, very exciting.