Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Memorandum/ From: God/ To: Adam and Eve/ Subject: Directions For Breathing

Open your mouth,
parting at the lips.
Now exhale, slowly
draining everything from within.
Don’t force it,
this process should be woven
with every fiber of your being
Just before you begin to feel
a twitch in your lower back,
let your ribs explode,
lifting the soft tissue of your lungs.
Don’t try to control it,
let it all unfold
At this point imagine
yourself being dragged
over a waterfall
or slipping through
the thunder clouds.
In this moment
let the entire universe
you have collected in your chest
burst through your throat
with the speed of a splintering scream.
It will usually only manifest
in the form of a deep sigh.

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  1. some circumstances, oh?
    stunning piece.

    glad to see you share.

  2. This an outstanding read. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Very nice bit of writing!

    My offering for this first Gooseberry Garden picnic: