Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Spontaneous Combustion

A wave of crystal white wine
abruptly to kiss the dance
and swim within a
serrated sea of glass.

A pile
of satin lapels,
coat tails
and slacks coiled itself
lightly around
the cummerbund and

quickly, a discreet
cello melody
drifted uneasily into
a bewildered silence.

A breathless and
blinking crowd
of relatives
and revelers
surveyed the smoldering scene

if this
necessarily affected
the legitimacy of the vows-
and the openness
of the bar.

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  1. ha. first fight on the dance floor...hopefully not the first everyone rushes to the bar just in case...smiles.

  2. So, I wondering, after the wine kissed the dance floor, then what? I mean what happened after all that foreplay. Was it just a big tease? ;)

    Actually, my point is, wow, that could be a whole poem in itself.

  3. I hope it is not getting lost that this poem should be taken literally in all its surrealism. The groom is actually spontaneously combusting...

  4. I enjoyed the sharp, creative images in this, and as the commenters above, assumed a metaphorical combustion. An old lifesytle going up in smoke makes many thirsty.

  5. I like how everything stopped. I was transported there and could see and hear it all.

  6. I think this exactly captures the tensions and subverted conflicts that inhabit every wedding. No matter how perfect the performance, the elegance of the execution, some members of the cast are literally walking on broken glass. Well written.

  7. LOL GREAT. I read it one way and then I read your comment and re-read it. lol. Soooo good.

  8. Now who thought bringing a demolecularizer to a wedding was a good idea? Hmph, some best man HE is...