Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Laundromat

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Time to me has been
the slow digestion
of my existence
tumbling on
to itself and mixing
like cement with some
surprisingly, pink shirts.
I have been cautious
not to get my thoughts
in the teeth
of such a confusing
But now the repetition
of obsessively tucking
and folding
my torn tube socks
has got me thinking
of the machinery of life,
and how
we seem to be
for something to
stop turning and
stop crushing
so we can stop-
and smell the scents
of Mountain Freshness
and Spring Lillies.
I have become consumed
by the consistant whirling
of sound and heat,
and now I can sense
the static energy
of my own apparatus
chasing some
ghostly syncopation
of what our collective minds
must believe
is the music of life.


  1. i like this a lot..the scents you're blending in...the being caught in a life that spins and spins and somehow i think i wasn't careful enough coz i think i'm caught in the teeth...and everyday try to escape for a bit to hear the real music of life again..good write lewis

  2. a lot between the lines in this...i dont know that we will ever stop the machine to fully appreciate those sights and scents but i think we can find a rhythm that allows a bit of both...nice texture in the laundry imagery...

  3. Nice metaphor! I love the 'static energy of my own apparatus'... nicely layered writing

  4. ..i like the flow till the end.. not so thick but gentle to grasp... adorable write!

  5. Wonderful metaphor for the mind and its never ending cycle with the occasional break. Great write ~ Rose