Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Deities of the Human Breast

We have forgotten those large and numerous senses
    used to shape our visions.
    Now they are merely ghostly forgotten notes-
    indentations on the underlying pages, of words scrawled
    in the rush of discovery and progression of paradigms.
We have forgotten our own thoughts and words,
    and now we sit trembling and amnesiac, on a park bench
    wondering, how we got there;
    not just retracing our sordid steps to the phyical present,
    but we sit trying to remember all of those
    yellow woods and all those
    dark divergences, and which one-
    which one was both the beginning and the end
    of all those infinite possibilities.
We have forgotten the nature of ourselves
    and the places we have come from-
    the sheer miraculousness of our being and the awesomeness
    of our thoughts.
We have forgotten the language.
We have forgotten the soul.
We have forgotten the beauty of the mind.
We have forgotten the past .
We have forgotten the future.
We have forgotten the hope.
Who has looked down that inward path to see the secrets there-
    resting in an ornate and locked chest at the foot of the bed?
    The heirlooms of ancient poets, the graffiti on the underpass,
    the inner voice over the loudspeakers.
We have forgotten our anatomy of guts and glory, of visceral instincts.
We have forgotten the true feeling, how you feel when your mind wakes 
    racing and angry, screaming anxiously from your pillow.
Who remembers these dreams, or those nightmares-
    where the truth seems unrecognizably distorted?
Who remembers how we got here, to these heavy decisions
    compressing our chest cavities-
    of whether to give our bodies to our senses, or to numb them
    and choke them down in the dead of the night?

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  1. i think you really touch something with this poem..we seem to have gained so much and somehow lost the really important things on the way...esp. love the part with sitting on a park bench, wondering how we got there...but sometimes we don't even take the time but run and run and miss so much...good write

  2. whew...choke myself out eh? cant go numb, i care too much but it hurts sometimes for sure...powerful words and forces convictingly one to look at themselves...

  3. Thank you for helping us find a path back through poetry.

  4. We may have forgotten all those things, but with artists as strong as you in this piece, we have someone to remind us of the misplaced truth. Brilliant stuff.